Knee Joint Replacement/Total Knee Replacement

Knee Joint Replacement / Total Knee Replacement

Joint replacement surgery is also known as arthroplasty, which is very common surgery performed successfully by our surgeons. In knee or hip replacement surgery, the artificial joint is made out of metal and plastic. In the case of joint replacement in the hand, the new joint is most commonly composed of silicone rubber or the patient's own tissues such as a portion of tendon.

Who needs Joint Replacement?

Who needs Joint Replacement?

There are several types of arthritis but when advanced enough they all end up in severe damage to surface of the bones at the joint. That surface becomes rough and irregular. When the bones in that arthritis joint are forced to move against each other, the rubbing of the rough surfaces causes pain.

In late arthritis, the main problem is roughened bone surfaces at the joint. The logical solutions available would be restoring a smooth surface to the bones. Restoring a new smooth surface is what is done is joint replacement surgery.